…Author, Christoph Fischer steps out of his usual ‘JONGRR’ comfort zone, with great effect…

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Seumas Gallacher

…much is spoken and written about staying with yer own scribbling ‘JONGRR’ as an author… others grasp the nettle and venture into other styles… the results can be gratifying, for both authors and readers… this ol’ Jurassic shares the belief if that yeez ‘write’, the WURD,‘JONGRR’ is redundant… fr’example, my own wee masterpieces are unapologetically crime thrillers, with murder, mayhem, and assorted violence to spare, whilst my blog writing is (supposedly) lighter-touched, amusing and occasionally p’raps marginally educational… vive la difference!… I therefore welcome my pal, Author, Christoph Fischer with this insightful example of a quill-scraper breaking the bonds of ‘type’… have a wee look…



“THE HEALER” is my very first thriller and a huge contrast to the historical novels and family dramas I have written so far. I never had plans to make an excursion into the genre but one day, last year…

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