Erica Whittaker, the heroine of my medical thriller THE HEALER

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am reading this one next !


woman-29797__180Erica Whittaker is in her forties. She lives in London as a workaholic advertising executive who smokes, drinks and parties with her colleagues anytime. Living in a penthouse by the river she has her mind set on a career and landing new accounts, not offending her boss and getting ahead in the world.

canary-wharf-421998__180 images (3)


Then one day she finds out that her permanent backpain was not the result of the uncomfortable office chair and her poor diet but of uncurable and advanced cancer. She is running out of time and options.



syringe-417786__180WHAT IF…. her assistant Hilda is right and there is a man who can help? Can she persuade him to help? Can he really heal her? And should she let him try?

The Healer by Christoph Fischer is a book you must read as soon as it is released. You do not want to run the risk that the…

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