Two of my poems published in The Dawntreader

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

Wonderful Poems by a very talented writer

Philip Dodd, Author of Angel War Blog

Two of my poems, Sigurd and Windmill and Rainbow, have been published in The Dawntreader, a quarterly poetry magazine, published by Indigo Dreams Publishing: Website and Bookshop:
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My poem, Searching For The Sangreal, was published in the 023 Summer 2013 issue of the same magazine, my poem, The Fair Majesty of Folk at Peace was published in the 026 Summer 2014 issue, and now Sigurd and Windmill and Rainbow in the 029 Winter 2014/2015 issue. So in this month of January, 2015, my poem, What The Shepherds Saw, was published in my local newspaper, the Liverpool Echo, my poem, Song For Luthien Tinuviel, was published in Mallorn, the Journal of the Tolkien Society, and my two poems, Sigurd and Windmill and Rainbow were published in The Dawntreader.


Listen. Thunder clouds,
herds of black bison
stampede silent space.
Wait. Relief of rain.
Hut folk from…

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