Bergen Belsen – Let us not forget

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

In On April 13th 1945,  almost one month before the end of WWII a German Commander asked the British for help. Bergen Belsen Concentration camp was handed over on that day. The first 120 British soldiers entered the camp on April 15th. Most were to traumatised to talk about what they witnessed.

There were about 10 000 unburied bodies plus about 40 000 survivors barely alive. There was very little the British could do and about 400 – 500 died each day after the liberation. In total 28 000 of the  40000 who had survived , died.

In Bergen Belsen, unlike Auschwitz,  people died of Typhoid and Typhus. Alone in March of 1945  18000 lives were lost,. amongst them Anne Frank.

The liberation of Bergen Belsen was filmed by the British. This documentary was only shown very recently.

One of the female guards there was the notorious Herta Bothe, who was later charged with War Crimes and sent to prison.

I grew up in Germany, I was born after the war. We lived in Hildesheim which is not far from Bergen Belsen. We went to visit the former Concentration Camp with my teacher, I must have been about 12 by then. I could not take it all in at the time. Maybe we were just to young.I revisited it again  later with my English husband. Bergen Belsen has now been laid out resembling a park. But the horrors are clear. Every mount tells a story.  Thankfully, none of the original buildings are left. It should be a place of reflection and thoughts. Visit   Bergen Belsen if you can. We should not forget.  Most pictures are to horrendous to show I therefore only include one.bergen belsen

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