Book Stores Are Dangerous

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Layered Pages

So early this week my daughter wanted to go out to eat. As we were sitting at the table enjoying our meal and chatting about this and that, she suddenly blurts out she wants to go to B&N. Oh, no, I thought. Why wouldn’t I want to go, you ask? Err…because I have a serious problem when entering book stores. I cannot leave without a few books in hand. This can be a serious problem for book lovers and this year I set a budget of zero dollars to spend on books. I really need to catch up on some reads on my shelf and Kindle that have been waiting patiently for my attention. Alas, a couple weeks or so ago, I broke the budget and bought some bargain books. Sigh. You may remember that post. If not, click here to see. I know, no will power what-so-ever. I wonder…

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