Characters in Motion with Lindsay Downs

Posted: March 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Layered Pages

On Writing Antagonists by Lindsay Downs

I’m sure we all love writing that dashingly handsome hero and the beauty who wins his heart. I know I do. But, where would they be, much less meet and fall in love, without an antagonist…

They can be tall, short, fat, or thin. Even have fetid breath and poor hygiene. The antagonist, villain, bad guy (whatever you want to call them) doesn’t have to be male. Women make great ones as well.

The antagonist can be a peer, such as an earl and countess along with their son, Smedley as in Married by Christmas (TouchPoint Romance). They were so cruel they abandoned the second son, Justin who was raised by a duke and duchess. Justin later inherits the earldom after his parents and brother dance the hangman’s gig.

Another example of a father being the antagonist is in La Contessa and The Marquis

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