Characters in Motion with Annie Whitehead

Posted: April 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Layered Pages

Welcome to Question Time, coming to you ‘live’ from 10th century Mercia. Here with me tonight are, from To Be A Queen, Aethelflaed and Ethelred, and from Alvar the Kingmaker, we have Alvar,Káta, and Alfreda. Our first question comes from our viewer, Stephanie, and she would like to know which of the senses you consider most vital.

Alvar II.jpgAlvar and Káta, if I could turn to you first? 

“Thank you, Annie. Lord Alvar will allow me to begin, but I wish to speak about him. His sense of smell is acute. Once, before he met me, he wandered off in search of a ‘lady’ of the court, trying to locate her by catching a waft of her scent. When he gets angry, he talks in terms of smell, and has been known to declare that foul play ‘Stinks worse than a Welshman’s fart.’ Please excuse my language.”

Lord Alvar?


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