Cover Crush: Goddess of Fire by Bharti Kirchner

Posted: July 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

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I happened upon the book cover below by checking out another book on a publisher’s facebook page. I was drawn to it immediately! Such vibrant and vivid detail and the cover fits the title perfectly. One can tell the cover resonates a dramatic and compelling story of centuries long ago and I would love to be transported back into that time. Hoping to read Goddess of Fire soon!

This cover is receiving a five stars from me!

Goddess of Fire

Goddess of Fire by Bharti Kirchner

Moorti – widowed at just 17 and about to be burned on her husband’s funeral pyre – is saved from the fire by a mysterious Englishman. Taken to safety and given employment by her saviour Job Charnock, Moorti, renamed Maria, must embrace her new life amongst the English traders.

But the intelligent and talented Maria is not content to be a servant for the rest of…

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