Guest Blog – JJ Sherwood – Character Interview – Kings or Pawns Blog Tour

Posted: August 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

David's Book Blurg

Today i bring to you something a little different..a first for my blog. I’ve opened my blog to the awesome JJ. Sherwood to host a interview with a couple of the characters from her book Kings or Pawns, if you’ve not read my review yet click here 🙂

Without further delay…here we go

Hey Soplings! Today we have a special interview where I sat down with Itirel and Sellemar to ask them some pressing questions that you, as fans, have been nagging me about. Well, I don’t have the answers, but these two do!

JJ Sherwood: Welcome Itirel, Sellemar. It’s a pleasure to have you two back for an interview—and together, no less! What a treat!

Itirel: Why thank you for the opportunity, JJ.

Sellemar: Thank you.

JJ: Let’s start with you, Sellemar. People often wonder about your identity and by association, Itirel’s. In Kings or Pawns, Alvena romanticizes…

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