On the Shores of Lake Sevan

Posted: November 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

Philip Dodd, Author of Angel War Blog

On the Shores of Lake Sevan

( One of the poems I wrote in Yerevan, Armenia, to celebrate my marriage to Anahit Arustamyan, poet of Armenia. )

Eurasian black vulture,
now there’s a bird,
but I am moved less by wings
than the word.
That huge raptor
migrates from Asia
down to Africa,
while white cranes lift from the water,
my spirit rises with them,
my heart is stirred.

The Caucasian Mountains,
under the sky of October,
will be our stony shelter,
when we stand together
on the shores of Lake Sevan.
What we see in its mirror,
what we will remember,
we have still to discover.
The saint of love will dictate his plan.

Argishti, king of Urartu,
take us back to the letters on the stones,
when wind woke the blood and bones.

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