Lizzy’s Thought for the Day: Problem solving

Posted: July 12, 2017 in Thought of the Day

I have this ‘thing’, I always had this as long as I can remember. When I get stuck, maybe because of a problem at work, yes I did have a job which presented me with such. That was when I was much younger  of course, now I am happily retired. Anyway where was I ? Ah, yes Problem solving and my ‘thing’ I hope you do not get this ‘thing’ confused with any other. I go out for a jog. There you have it. That is how I have always solved most issues. I must be awfully fit, you cry, out several times a day?   No,no,no I said jog not run. Plus a walk does this trick just as well. But I am not telling you porky’s. Really try it you be amazed. It works ! There I was today, along the cliff top in my latest running gear purchased from the local charity shop last week, looking a million dollars in my hand me downs, and who cares? I was not thinking about anything in particular, well maybe a little bit, such as, what shall I have for dinner tonight?  Or, definitely no rose wine with my fish finger sandwich. You know, important matter like that. And there it came to me, yes right there into my head. The title for my new book. I have been agonising about it for a while, and hey presto, there it was.  Now all I have to do is write the story. Out for another jog maybe?


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  1. joylennick says:

    Now know a bit more about you!.I’m a very curious (no?! ) person.What writer isn’t? My husband spent time in Germany and Austria when he did his National Service just after the war. He recently wrote a memoir by hand, encapsulating his time there. I typed and edited it for him and Janette Davies published it: ‘A Life Worth Living.’ He has a fantastic memory, which helps! All power to your pen. Which is your own favourite book (one YOU wrote I mean?) Best wishes. Joy


  2. emarrion says:

    Hi Joy, Thank you for your comments. I looked ‘your Eric ‘ and his book up immediately of course. I will buy the kindle version and leave a review. I really like to read it. I start this week. My own books published so far ? This is a difficult question because it is all about my family history , The ‘Rommel’ story is my mothers story, a story I grew up with, And Cuckoo Clock is quite important as well, not many people are familiar with the Kindertransport. There is still so little known about it, what those children and families had to go through being separated in the hope of survival (It has happened again, families are sending their children off on dangerous boat ride in the hope they make and have a better life.)
    Liverpool Connection is the one close to my heart. It is about my late husband David and his family and all instances in that books were exactly as he told them. I am glad it was finished and published before he passed away in May 2015.

    I will continue with the column Lizzy’s Though for the day . you will get to know me much better still lol
    Best wishes Elisabeth


  3. joylennick says:

    Hi Elisabeth, I can’t believe I didn’t reply to your last comment! Many apologies. The internet is such a crowded place these days…Are you writing anything at present? I am trying….to finish a book about a Jewish family during and after WW 11. Hope you are well. Do drop me a line and let me know how you are. (


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