Art & Books: Journal Your Passion

Posted: October 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Layered Pages

Kate and I at HNS Denver 2015 III enjoy creating book art and experimenting with different mediums. The picture below is my latest creation. I was going through a collection of my art supply to see what I needed to throw out or give away and came across a few vintage items I thought would be splendid to showcase Kate Quinn’s book, The Alice Network. After talking with a friend and fellow book lover on-line about books and art, we decided to work on a few art projects. I am wanting to put together a book Journal with my presentations of books and my opinions of the stories and so on… I think it is inspiring to reflect on the stories you have read and the art you created with the covers. Do you journal with art and what are your projects or ones you would like to start?

*Photo of Kate and I at the HNS…

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