Wish-List 5: The Gilded Era & Southern Stories

Posted: January 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

Layered Pages

This month’s wish-list has a mixed theme. I recently read a story set in the Gilded Era and I wanted to get my hands on more titles that takes place during this time period. I’m also interested in southern stories and I have added three titles I want to share with you that I am excited about.  -Stephanie M. Hopkins

Gilded Era:

The Gilded Age in New York, 1870-1910 by Esther Crain IIThe Gilded Age in New York, 1870-1910 by Esther Crain

The drama, expansion, mansions and wealth of New York City’s transformative Gilded Age era, from 1870 to 1910, captured in a magnificently illustrated hardcover.

In forty short years, New York City suddenly became a city of skyscrapers, subways, streetlights, and Central Park, as well as sprawling bridges that connected the once-distant boroughs. In Manhattan, more than a million poor immigrants crammed into tenements, while the half of the millionaires in the entire country lined Fifth Avenue with their…

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