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Who dares, wins? (Flash Fiction)

Posted: September 10, 2015 in Flash Fiction

Should I? Shouldn’t I? How much longer was she going to stand there? She had not really come here for that, had she? But she was there now. The search today to find him had been fruitless anyway. They do say ‘unlucky in Love’ that what her mother told her anyway. Plus tomorrow  was another day. Should she risk it one more time? She fumbled for her coin. Stupid me, it is no longer coin operated. Nothing stayed the same. She had her slot card ready, had forgotten it was still there. It would not fit into into the machine, her hand would not stop shaking. ‘Can I help you’, a male voice behind her made her turn around.

Las vegas 2


No words required ( Flash Fiction)

Posted: September 8, 2015 in Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction?

Linda in Spain (14)

She crawled out of her hiding place. Not yet daring to stretch her legs completely. She knew he had left some time ago but thought it would be prudent to wait a bit longer, just in case. Funny that, him not knowing she had been here all along. She almost panicked at one stage, not completely sure whether her mobile was still on. Even on silence he would have detected her. The light, or the buzzing sound it made, would have  given her away. She heard the rain on the roof of the chalet. Maybe this was not the ideal situation after all. Or maybe just perfect. Yes, the rain would wash away any proof that it had been her. She had remembered her gloves, the ones she pretended to need for the gardening. Gardening, how strange was that? I hope he did not skimp and bought an electric one. She had been adamant it had to be a petrol driven one, or none. She never confessed she had done it before. She got up and walked towards the door, listening for any sounds, No, just the rain. She stepped outside ,ready to run and get it. She knew where it was. Click the door slammed behind her. Were those headlights she could see in the distance? Closer and closer they came. She fumbled behind her to open the door to crawl back quickly. Shut, the door was shut.


That is odd, the floor is wet. There were on tabs in the room, she was sure about it. It had not been raining. Should she go to the window or creep downstairs, as she had indented?  A heavy feeling overcame her. Then she saw a white glow coming from downstairs.

That is it, I am going to have a look, If Freddy messes around she would never hear the end of it. Before she could straightened up completely a pressure on her shoulder and a hand pulled her back.


For goodness sake, what is the matter with me. Get to grips. She sat up careful not to make a sound. Not that she worried somebody might hear her. There was nobody here besides herself, right ? But concerned she would loose the direction the noise came from, not that she was exactly sure. She should have kept her tracksuit on and her shoes, She might be able to climb out of the window. She had spotted earlier that there was a small sloping roof right underneath. Why she wanted to stay right on the top floor, she did not remember.

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Buntenbock (1)

There is was again. Charlotte sat up pulling the blanket with her. Now it was almost covering her face. Waiting, waiting for who would come and how quickly. Confused of the exact location the noise came from. Was it from the left or the right staircase? She would not dare running. What if she went into the wrong direction altogether? Plus her legs might give way. She felt them trembling as it was. Also she had head fear can freeze people.

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stairsShe was awoken by the noise. Did she just imagine it or was it for real? She had been warned about it, that was for sure. But on the other hand, why would she trust the forever joking Freddie? She had believed him that one time, and look how that turned out.

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Na Na Stones

Posted: August 17, 2015 in Flash Fiction

beac huts2The story of the Na Na stones. Hey, look at beautiful Milford on Sea on a sunny August afternoon. Have you found a Na Na stone today? Well if you haven’t  you most likely did not look hard enough. Try again. Pick one up, They have great big holes in them. You can display them anywhere you like. Every time one of my Grand children finds one. They jump around an shout Na na na na na na , to the rest of the group. Guess it must be the name of the stones

na na