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Weird Happening

Posted: July 29, 2017 in This n' That

The other day I was hoovering, or vacuuming as some of you might say. And yes, I was dusting too. You know, what do they call it? Housework, oh yes. Tell me,why don’t we have a robot for these chores, anyway? There are so many different function robots fill these days. Your head would be spinning if you had to list them all.  Well, Pasta making for one. Yes I watched a program about it. No longer are humans hands slapping the soft pasta mix onto a table and cutting  them into shapes, as you might be lead to believe. No, I cry. There are massive machines as big as my guest room, forcing the mixture through the tiniest of holes, if you want Spaghetti for example. And those Monster-machines  are operated by computerised arms not  an army of happy people. Furthermore, old fashioned as I am, I have been known of making my own pasta sometimes. Silly me, I used flour, egg ,water and a little salt. I just found out where I have gone wrong all these years. You are supposed to make it with Semolina. I will buy them ready made from now on. Anyway no such automatic arm pushing my hoover back and forth, no it has to be done by silly old me, myself.

That was when I spotted it. This black thing on my small cabinet, at the corner of the room. Curious at what this could possibly be, I approached it with caution. Inspecting it from all sides from a safe distance. There was a light on it. My hand reaching forward ever so slowly. It did not detect my movement hence no explosion occurred. Bravely I picked it up. I shook it back and forth, Nothing. To get a better look at it I put it closer towards my face. (collecting my new spectacles soon) It stared right back at me. It made a noise but was definitely not a living thing. I put it towards my ear, yes, a could hear a sound. Strange that? I know the Internet will tell me, so I took a photograph and looked it up online.

Wow, I found the name for it A TELEPHONE, wow. Apparently it can do some of the factions your mobile can do, YES IT CAN. Because it said so, there on my screen.

I wonder whether any of my children have ever heard of such an Implement? Maybe I will let them into the secret of my discovery when they Whats App me later.