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Similarities to today? It’s a very touchy subject without a doubt. Are some people born evil or does society make them that way? Is there some good in everybody, as we like to believe.

I think this can be a very lively debate without getting out of hand. Is WWII really already  History?



Amazing Connection

Posted: March 18, 2017 in WW II-History?  Could it be possible? Could there be a link between families living on opposite sides of a conflict and have such a strong bond? Well, I am here to tell the tale. After all ,it was my mother who was married to a young officer serving under Field marshal Rommel in WWII, and my father, a corporal in the Royal Air-force. Somehow they must connect, right? Growing up  in Germany as a child of ‘the enemy’ was difficult, and I was often ridiculed  by the young and old alike. Interested in finding out more? Just leave me a message.


Liverpool Connection

Bunce Court School, Otterden

Posted: August 17, 2016 in WW II-History?

I have talked about Anna Essinger before on by blog, but could not possibly know, that one day, I would be invited to speak at the WI, in the very same village where her school was located. Let alone be privileged  visit there and see and feel for myself. Her spirit at her school is very much felt throughout the building. And it is a joy to hear that even today former pupils, or their relatives still feel the connection and visit whenever they can. The school bell has been returned from the USA, a former student who had, with Anna’s blessing at he time, taken it with him. Not enough coverage via the television or movie industries has been given to the Kindertransport, Hopefully one day it will.

What would Field marshal Rommel have made of this? Would he have celebrated? Most of us think yes, definitely, although he would have preferred a peaceful end to this madness. Read about the human site of war in these books;




You will not regret reading these books, Promise ! Not a lot of time to read ? you can listen to them of course

At Last Peace has come VE – Day, May 8th 1945, Today 70 Years ago. The dark days were over for Europe on that day, but unfortunately not yet for the War raging in the Pacific, Far East, There, the people were still facing daily hardships and battles. Only after the war in Europe and the Far East had come to a stop, did the world learn about the true horrors. Some so unimaginable that even today some people deny they really happened.



Ve day

World WAR II, what is your believe? Is it still too close to the present or consigned to History? What do the history teachers tell us. Are the schoolchildren today on a unique position? Just imagine you history teacher invites238 a survivor of WW II to come and talk to you in your class. What impact would that have ?

Liverpool Connection

Posted: February 9, 2015 in WW II-History?

LiverpoolHNSIndieShortlisted2015Liverpool Connection is on the 2015 Historical Novel Society Indie Award Shortlist