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Camp Letterman tents Camp Letterman tents 1863

On February 19th here at Layered Pages, I posted a blog post from Janet Stafford about her blog post on Gettysburg, and the in the blog Janet talks about the field hospital for the wounded and talks about the- “profound imprint on the town in the days, months, and years after hostilities.” Her post had me thinking about my great, great, great Grandfather James Marshall Sharp  on my mother’s mother side, who was enlisted in Company F of the 45th North Carolina Infantry during the American Civil War. He was injured in two different battles. One at Gettysburg… He was actually there, and I wish I could find out more about his experience, and what he saw-which we have a pretty good idea-but…I want more information. He recovered from that battle and was wounded again and captured at Spotsylvania Courthouse May 1864 and lived to tell…

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Me in Summer time 2017I’m a little over half way through reading this book for review and I want reality to go away so I can spend my whole attention to the story! Have you ever felt kinship with a story? I’m half way through this one and its making a profound impact on me and the fact in takes place in the state I live in helps to. Hehe…

There are so many secrets in this book and the suspense is killing me! I want to know now!! Emily Carpenter is an amazing southern suspense writer. I want her to crank these stories out faster! Haha…

Last time I say her at a book event I told her I envisioned her writing a story set in Hilton Head that takes place in the early 1900’s. I wonder if she will…? She has such a grasp for atmospheric and character driven stories.

Stephanie M…

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About the book:


Eight friends meet up after the untimely death of Isabelle’s husband. Having never lost sight of each other since their university days and now retired, they seize the moment and formulate a plan to search for a place where they could all live together. As they embark on this new journey, secrets begin to emerge.

Christine harbours a longing which she has never acted upon; while Steve dreads his next doctor’s appointment. Isabelle is hiding the biggest truth of all, which, if it comes to life, could have devastating consequences.

Is friendship enough to keep them together?

‘A wonderfully warm, powerfully written, story populated with memorable characters.’ The Wishing Shelf

About the Author:

Elisabeth Marrion BRAG

ELISABETH MARRION was born August 1948, in Hildesheim Germany. Her father was a Corporal in the Royal Air Force and stationed after the War in the British occupied zone in Germany, where he met…

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The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish

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Me in Summer time 2017Yesterday I was walking the dog in the morning and I stopped to talk with a neighbor who asked me what I was currently reading and I told her at the moment I’m reading a modern-day mystery thriller. I then asked her what she was reading and she told me she just finished The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish and would I be interested in reading the story? I told her I would be delighted to. She went in her house and brought out the book for me to borrow.

This evening I started reading, The Weight of Ink and I adore the literary medium written! I won’t be getting much sleep tonight. Take a look below at a fine example of her writing style.

Page 9: “And in the silence-the unmistakable silence of an old house-she felt, for just an instant, the old feeling; the impossible ache of…

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Wish-List 5: William R. Forstchen

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In this month’s Wish-List 5, I am making a bold statement. -Stephanie M. Hopkins

One Second After (After #1) by William R. ForstchenOne Second After (After #1) by William R. Forstchen

New York Times best-selling author William R. Forstchen now brings us a story which can be all too terrifyingly real … a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war, in one second, a war that will send America back to the Dark Ages … A war based upon a weapon, an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). A weapon that may already be in the hands of our enemies.

Months before publication, One Second After has already been cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read, a book already being discussed in the corridors of the Pentagon as a truly realistic look at a weapon and its awesome power to…

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Blog Talk Radio with Yvonne Mason

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The Case of the Boarding House Murder (An Upson PI Mystery Book 1) Kindle Edition

Saturday at 8:00 am on blog talk radio with Yvonne Mason, Author Norton Upson will be talking about his upcoming book. The Case of the Boarding House Murder! Link HERE 

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On Calton Hill

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Previously published on L.A.P. it Marketing  

Today’s feature is a dual collaboration between WSM Photography’s photo of Calton Hill in Edinburgh, Scotland and a short story inspired by the photo written by Author Stuart S. Laing.

Edinburgh Scotland

“Britney Lourdes McKelvie! You better not be on your phone!”

I can always tell when Mrs Ossowski is angry with me, or anyone else in the class. She insists on using your full name. Getting labelled with Britney was bad enough but imagine going to Gorgie High School with the middle name Lourdes! My friends all know that it’s my mother’s fault for being mad keen on Madonna when she was kinda relevant, Madonna, not my mum, and before she turned into a ‘raddled auld trout’ (my gran’s description). I suppose I should think myself lucky when it comes to first names. Britney isn’t that bad compared to the Chardonnay’s, Mercedes’ and Porsche’s that…

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The Case of the Boarding House Murder (An Upson PI Mystery Book 1) Kindle EditionProving someone innocent of killing a boarding house tenant was easy. Case solved. Time to move onto the next one. Or so we thought.

What Maggie and I didn’t count on, digging into a four-year-old federal trial. What made this one so interesting, for me at least, my father had been the prosecutor. When all his personal papers disappeared, we had to rely on the trial transcript. Except, we aren’t the only ones who wanted the testimony.

During the course of our investigation, Maggie and I discover the witnesses had been murdered even though the police reports had said otherwise. But, that’s not the worst. The body count will continue to rise if certain individuals aren’t stopped. But how? That we didn’t know.

Then, we uncover the secret these people are keeping. If they succeed their plan will have worldwide implications. Finally, the break we’d been looking for.

Where the…

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False Kiva

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“False Kiva is a human-made stone circle of unknown origin in a cave in a remote area of the Canyonlands National Park, which is located in U.S. state of Utah. It requires some hiking knowledge or special directions to find.” -Photo taken by Scott Moore 2018
Information source-Wikipedia

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The Girls in the pciture giveaway

Novel Expressions Giveaway!

Enter to win a signed copy of The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin HERE

Giveaway starts today and ends on February 18th. Winner will be announced on February 19th.

This giveaway is open internationally.

Good luck!

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