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Layered Pages will now be a blend of literature (Book Sales Starting on Friday), art, photography, and fashion! Be sure to tell your friends all about the new changes to Layered Pages!

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This past weekend I was going to get my art on but I did not get a moment to do so! Very frustrating but I shall make up for it soon and share with you all my upcoming creations.

What I’m reading: Sailing Lessons by Hannah McKinnon

On the shores of Cape Cod, the Bailey sisters reunite with their long-lost father for a…

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Layered Pages

Today Judith Arnopp talks about her research, writing and her collaboration on Sexuality and its Impact on British History with me today. Judith’s life-long passion for history eventually led her to the University of Wales where she gained a B.A. in English and Creative Writing, and a Masters in Medieval History. Her first novel, Peaceweaver was published in 2009, quickly followed by two others. Her best-selling Tudor novel, The Winchester Goose lead her to create five more novels covering the lives of Anne Boleyn, Katheryn Parr and Elizabeth of York. The King’s Mother is the third book in The Beaufort Chronicles a trilogy following the fascinating life of Margaret Beaufort. She is researching her eleventh novel. Judith’s non-fiction work has been published in various historical anthologies and she is active online at her website and at Facebook  and Twitter @juditharnopp

During the course of research for my novel The…

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David's Book Blurg


Today i’m very  happy to bring you my review of Dance With The Enemy by Rob Sinclair and also a little intro to the series which Rob has kindly written for us.

First off i must say I’ve heard many a good things said about this author by fellow bloggers. I’ve actually had the three books in the series for a little while already so when i heard he would be taking part in the Clink Street Christmas event it was an easy decision for me to pick him as someone i’d like to feature . Word of mouth speaks a lot to me and with so many good comments i just had to buy the series and i’m very glad that I’ve had the time to read/review the first book in the series.

I’ll pass you over to Rob to give you an intro then you can read my…

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David's Book Blurg

Today I open my blog to the brilliant Gordon Doherty! I won’t lie.. i was pretty happy when he agreed to a guest post 🙂 Enjoy

Take it away Gordon….

The Time Machine

Everyone has a favourite yarn. H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine is probably mine. It evokes a sense of wonder, adventure, exhilaration and melancholy all at once. Imagine the possibilities and the untold knowledge that could be had if such a device existed. Writing, for me, is the closest thing to having a time machine of my own: it takes me a few steps further than reading or imagination alone. It’s the only place I can truly lose myself.

The first time I threw myself fully into the literary time machine I travelled back to the 4th century AD. This was a tale that was later to take shape as ‘Legionary’, the first volume in the eponymous series. Back…

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