“The Healer” is available for pre-order

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Uncategorized


“The Healer” is available for pre-order on Amazon US and Amazon UK

You can also find The book on Goodreads 

and on Facebook healer cover for kindle

Since the cover reveal I’ve been asked:

How did you end up writing a medical thriller of all things?

The answer: I’m surprised myself.
My partner had a dream that formed the basis of the plot. We spent a long car journey discussing its potential for a story and the various ways of how it could be told. I began writing the next day, with a different concept in mind. Around the 80 page mark  the idea of “The Healer” as it is now fully formed and I went back and re-wrote my draft into this thriller / mystery story.

As a writer this has been a fantastic and fully unexpected experience for me.
I hope that you’ll  join me on my excursion from historical fare and…

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  1. emarrion says:

    keep them coming Christoph


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